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Karavali Start-ups Incubation Programme

The Karavali Start-ups Incubation Programme is designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs with the entrepreneurial mindset and business skills necessary to create a successful venture. The duration of the programme is 12 weeks, scheduled between Feb - April 30, 2022. The programme consists of,
  • online training sessions
  • one-on-one mentoring sessions
  • reviews to develop a successful business model
  • take a startup to the next level.
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  • To design and implement programmes to identify, attract and motivate students to develop entrepreneurial talent during the course of their study.

  • To provide direct assistance for the formation and Management of innovative startups.

  • To provide a wide range of expertise in business development, marketing, regulatory affairs, financing, information management strategies, IT and other related technologies to the student enterprises.

  • To create collaborative linkages with various Research centres, Technology Institutions in the region, financial institutions and other resource providers to channelize the inflow of technical, financial and managerial resources to enterprises created by students.




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All unviersities in Karnataka

What AIC has to offer?

    Incubation support

    The Centre provides expert advice to the startup team to convert their business idea into viable commercial ventures. The Centre will also offer support for facilitating meetings with VCs, Angel funding agencies, registration of the unit, and liaison with Financial Institutions and Technology providers.

    Mentoring support

    A Team of experienced consultant's dawn from faculty, alumni and experts in the industry will assist startups in

    • Strategic planning
    • Market research
    • Marketing strategy
    • Intellectual property, patents, legal and taxation issues
    • Identification of potential partnerships and alliances
    • Competitive strategy

    The Centre may channelize funds provided by various governmental bodies, Venture capitalist, and Angel Investors.

    Infrastructure and Office support

    During the planning and inception stage of the business, the Centre will provide

    • Furnished office
    • Computing and communication facilities
    • Office assistance and facilities such as photocopy stationery etc

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Nitte - KBL Kaun Banega Udyamapati contest Prize Distribution Ceremony

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Inaugural Ceremony of KBU

Nitte - KBL Kaun Banega Udyamapati (KBU) Competition 2021 is a reality TV show that aims to provide a unique platform for future entrepreneurs and promote entrepreneurship by identifying their ideas and talents.

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Round-Table Discussion on "Promotion of Startups in Karavali Region: Challenges and Solutions"

The Round-Table Discussion was conducted on 5/10/2021 at KCCI meeting hall in Bunder, Mangaluru.

Last updated 2021-10-14 05:22:30

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