Special Projects

Nitte Jackfruit Processing Cluster

AIC Nitte has been designated as a ‘Technical Agency’ by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India, to promote Cluster Development projects in the coastal districts of Karnataka. Currently, AIC Nitte is implementing the Jackfruit cluster. With financial assistance of Rs 500 lacs, the project is expected to provide employment to 1,000 rural women and provide additional income to 400,000 farmers of the Udupi district.

Incubation of Farmer Producer Organisations

AIC Nitte has been empanelled as a Cluster-Based Business Organisation (CBBO) with the Watershed Development Department, Government of Karnataka; and is responsible for the formation and incubation of 10 Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) with 1,000 farmer shareholders each. AIC Nitte has received a grant of INR 25 Million to incubate and support these FPOs for a period of 3 years.

Soil Testing Lab

AIC Nitte in association with the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Karnataka has set-up a full-fledged soil testing Lab in NMAMIT Campus. As per the state government’s new norms, the farmers must test their soil for getting subsidies from the state government. Service of this Soil Testing Lab is made available to all the farmers of the Udupi district.

Nitte Smart Village Development Project

AIC Nitte has taken up the initiative to implement a Smart Village development project at Nitte. The project outlines seven areas of improvement: (1) Smart Agriculture; (2) Smart Health; (3) Smart Education; (4) Smart Governance; (5) Smart Energy; (6) Smart Infrastructure; and (7) Smart Environment.

Centre for Family Business Management

AIC Nitte engages closely with the region’s family businesses – there are a number of such companies professionalising themselves and are at the cusp of a generational shift. The Centre combines knowledge, practice and innovation within the family business governance space and engages with family businesses through collaborations, conferences, workshops and forums. 3-specialized workshops have already been delivered at AIC Nitte.

Support to MSMEs in the region

The Centre supports the existing MSMEs in the region through appropriate intervention strategies like training, consultancy & mentoring, business development, diversification, technology transfer & upgradation. The Ministry of MSME has approved the Centre as a technical agency to develop food processing clusters.

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