Our Focus Sector


Agriculture & Allied Activities

Communication technology including the internet wireless networks cell phones computers softwares middle where video conferencing social networking and other media applications


Information's and Technology

Technology relating to cultivating the soil, growing crops or maintaining and raising livestock including the preparation of plant and animal products for people to use and their distribution to markets.


Health Science

Technology relating to Healthcare monitoring ,devices that impact healthcare services in India


AIC is providing multiple subscription models to its members, To make convenient to all the aspirants to utilize the facility. The subscription details are listed below

Resident Startups

The startups will host there office and work in the incubation centre they will be charged with minimum rate and on a monthly basis

Virtual Startups

The startups who would like to utilise the facility and guiders from the AIC will also be provided with an opportunity. However they will be charged on hourly basis with minimum of 8 hours.

Student Startups

The students community is our prime focus and area are as our mission is to nurture the entrepreneur in them .In order to encourage them ,they will be charged with the minimal fee.


The startups/other visitors would like to utilize the facility for there IPR development process will also be given an option.However they will be charged a little higher than others.

Selection Process

  •  The start-up teams meeting eligibility criteria mentioned (based on self-assessment) shall submit an application for incubation in a prescribed format to the Centre.
  •  The selected teams can present a detailed incubation plan after the preliminary round of discussions and presentations to the Centre. This plan should indicate the credentials and duties and responsibilities of the team members, the period of incubation, assistance expected from the center, etc.
  •  If this Incubation Plan is recommended by the Advisory Committee, AIC and The Startup Team will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the Incubation assistance. Incubation activity will commence with effect from the date mentioned in

Eligibility criteria​

The Incubation programme is open to entrepreneurs, startups, and people or groups of individuals working on new products/services with a scalable business strategy Proof of concept (POC), Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Prototype, Market Ready, and Seed Stage startups are all eligible to apply.

The Incubation Program is open to both technical and non-technical startups.

Startups applying may be registered under either of the following forms of a business entity

        * Private Limited Company (under The Companies Act, 2013), or

        * A Registered Partnership Firm (under The Indian Partnership Act, 1932); or

        * A Limited Liability Partnership (under The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008); or

        * A Commercial Establishment” in any other form allowed by Government of India laws or as notified in the Official Gazette.

Company Age: Period of existence and operations should not be exceeding 10 years from the Date of Incorporation.

Company Type: Incorporated as a Private Limited Company, a Registered Partnership Firm or a Limited Liability Partnership Annual

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