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About Incubation Program

The Incubation Program is designed for startups with scalable and sustainable product/service ideas. AIC Nitte achieves this by offering start-ups with valuable expertise, technological support, investor access, market entry, networking, industry connections. Start-ups also receive direction through a robust chain of mentors who impart their sector and domain-specific expertise as real-time practical guidance. Startups will be able to build a Scalable Business Strategy, Functional Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Market Ready, Sustainable RevenueModel, and Seed Stage startups are all eligible to apply. The Incubation Program includes Robust training, Business Consultation, Milestone Driven and Hand Holding incubation support.

Our Focus Sectors

Information Technology & SaaS

IT startups specialized in technology, service/product softwares, video conferencing, social networking, E-commerce, Internet, and Media applications.




HealthCare & MedTech

Healthcare startups focusing on wellness, MedTech, and healthcare devices have a significant impact on healthcare services in India. The preference for these startups is based on Innovation, Technology, Cost-efficient, and Patient-centricity approach.

Agriculture & Allied Activities

AgriTech startups relating to Farming, Forestry, Livestock rearing, Fisheries, Food production, Machinery, cultivation, Packing, fertilisers and other related businesses.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Incubation program is open to to both technical and non-technical startups working on new products/services with a scalable business idea, and Prototype – MVP stage or Market Ready stage are all eligible to apply.
  • Company Incorporation Type: Private Limited, Partnership Firm, Limited Liability Partnership.
  • Period of Existence: Company’s existing period should not exceed more than 10 years from the Date of Incorporation.
  • Turnover: Turnover should not exceed more than 10 crores in any of the financial years.

Selection Process

Program Duration

Our intensive Incubation Program is designed for a duration of 11 months, with the possibility of extension through mutual agreement.

Services Offered

Market Research & Validation

MBA Experts, Medial Experts, Engineering Experts, Life Sciences Experts, Bio-Tech Experts, Academicians, Students, Interns, Partners, etc

Access to Facilities

Co-working cubicles, enclosed Cabins, Incubation office facilities, Conference Room, Brain-storming area, etc

Development of POC & Prototype

Product Development through Fabrication Laboratory (Machines, Electronics, Mechanical) Labs.

Comprehensive Business Training Programs

Trainings, Workshops, Events, Masterclasses, Networking, Programs, etc

Business Consultation

Business Fundamentals, Market Penetration, Team Development, Digital Transformation, Automation, Business Model, Revenue Model, etc.

Access to resources

Mentors, Industry Experts, Market, FPOs, Family Businesses, SMEs, Labs, Research, Co-Founder connect, Incubators, etc

Access to Funding

Startup India Seed Funding Scheme (SISFS), Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, etc

Access to Strategic Partners

Academic Partners, Corporate Partners, Knowledge Partners, Ecosystem Partners, etc

Access to Legal Services

CS, Company Incorporation, Compliance, IPR, Copyright, Trademark,  Business Agreements, Permission & Certifications, etc

Access to Accounting & Financial Services

CA, Auditors, Financial Reporting, Accounting, Taxation, Financial Planning, Finance, Valuations, etc

Incubation Facilities

Access to Funding

Prototype Development

Incubatees (2023 - 2024)


Who is eligible to apply for the Incubation Program?

Entrepreneurs with a validated, market-ready currently at a late traction stage, fulfilling the eligibility criteria listed above. However, if you are an entrepreneur with a revolutionary concept, we would like to have a conversation with you.

I am not registered as an entity, can I still apply?

Yes, even if you are not registered as an entity but have an innovative idea with potential to scale, please apply. Companies should be Registered to get Incubation and Funding support.

What is the selection process?

After reviewing your application, potential ideas will be invited to pitch to the selection committee to evaluate the idea, business plan, service/product offering and to understand the expectations from AIC Nitte. Selected startups will go through the Pre-Incubation Program.

What stage should the startup be in to be eligible?

We prefer startups in the Prototype – MVP stage to join our incubation program. Startups demonstrating the potential to Innovative, to Scale, with technology driven. Please refer to the Eligibility Criteria section above for more details.

What is the Pre-Incubation Program and why is it important to take part as a startup?

The 10-week Pre-Incubation Training Program will help you in understanding startup fundamentals and build a Business Model, Pitch Deck, MVP : Market fit. Pre-Incubation will help us understand you as well as your startup stage in terms of strengths, challenges, and areas where support is needed.

What do you look for in an applicant?

Founders are required to be committed to their idea full-time and must demonstrate the ability and entrepreneurial mindset to build and grow an organization.

Will startups receive funding?

The eligible startups which have a potential to scale, self-sustain, create impact will be preferred for funding through SISFS. Investors connect will be open for all the shortlisted startups. Raising funds

Physical Incubation mandatory or Virtual Incubation is okay?

We would prefer a startup to get physically incubated over virtual incubation.

What is SISFS Funding?

Startup India Seed Fund Scheme (SISFS) is an initiative by DPIIT to provide the Financial assistance to startups for POC, prototype development, product trials, market entry, and commercialization. For More details visit

Is DPIT Certification mandatory?

DPIT certification is mandatory only to be eligible for SISFS funding.

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