NITTE Group was founded in 1979 and has now developed into a giant group of educational institutions with more than 130 courses being taught in 36 educational institutions under it. There are more than 4500 faculty working in the colleges and institutes under the NITTE Group. NITTE Education Trust has three well-developed campuses at Nitte, Bangaluru and a Deemed University at Mangalore.

The NITTE Group is committed to delivering the best education in order to generate a talent pool that can progressively work towards the betterment of society and become skilled individuals who can handle scientific and social challenges. The institutes listed under the NITTE Group comprise Medical, Dental, Engineering, Paramedical, Pharmacy, Management, and many more. The group has been awarded many accolades for its contribution to the field of education and healthcare.


Our Objective

 To design and implement programmes to identify, attract and motivate students to develop entrepreneurial talent during the course of their study.

  To provide direct assistance for the formation and Management of innovative startups.

  To provide a wide range of expertise in business development, marketing, regulatory affairs, financing, information management strategies, IT and other related technologies to the student enterprises.

  To create collaborative linkages with various Research centres, Technology Institutions in the region, financial institutions and other resource providers to channelize the inflow of technical, financial and managerial resources to enterprises created by students.


Our Vision

"To develop an ecosystem that kindles, fuels, and fosters the entrepreneurial spirit enabling high impact ventures."