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Facilities offered by the Incubation centre

  • Information resources : Detailed information regarding the market and industry reports as well as the tacit knowledge in opportunity identification, project formulation, technology adaptation, troubleshooting etc. made available for students.
  • Incubation support: The centre will provide expert advice to the start-up team for business plan preparation and other start-up activities. The Centre will also provide support for facilitating meetings with VCs, Angel funding agencies, registration of the unit, and for liaison with Financial Institutions and Technology providers.
  • Mentoring support Centre will provide mentoring support to the start up team on various topics related to new business venture creation. The experts who will constitute the mentors for the team during the incubation period may be drawn from the Institute faculty or other employees, and other successful individuals from industry and academia.
  • Business Development support: A Team of experienced consultant's dawn from faculty, alumni and experts in the industry. will endeavor to provide assistance in (a)Strategic planning (b) Market research (c) Marketing strategy (d) Intellectual property, patents, legal and taxation issues (e) Identification of potential partnerships and alliances(d) Competitive strategy.
  • Financial support: Centre will not provide any direct financial assistance to the incubating units. However the centre may channelize funds provided by various governmental bodies , Venture capitalist, Angel Invesors.
  • Infrastructure and Office Support: During the planning and inception stage of the business, the centre will provide (a) furnished office (b).Computing and communication facilities (c) Office assistance and facilities such as photocopy stationery etc.

  • Dr. Ananthapadhmanabha Achar
    Chief Executive Officer,
    AIC Nitte Incubation Center,
    (Supported by NITI Aayog),
    NMAMIT Campus, Nitte,
    Karkala Taluk, Udupi District,
    Karnataka – 574110
  • Phone: +91 86600 72597
                        +91 99457 97197
  • Email: ceo.aic@nitte.edu.in

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