Fab-Lab (Fabrication Laboratory) is established to inspire individuals, students and entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into new products and prototypes by giving them access to a range of advanced digital fabrication tools and machines. The objective of Fab-Lab is to facilitate and provide the environment, skill-set, advanced materials and technology to make prototypes low-cost and more efficiently to entrepreneurs, students, artists, small businesses and for research projects

Electronics Fab is comprised of accessible digital electronics tools, IoT boards and sensors and computing systems to enable users to go from simulation of IoT electronic circuits in real time all the way to building basic working models of circuits, systems and operational projects which can be used in real-time applications for sensing, home automation, repair and testing.

Tools Fab is comprised of a complete set of hand tools, power tools and fine tools along with digital design to enable users to go from digitally designed projects which can be built using a combination of tools to achieve perfect finish, sturdy design and process based thinking towards large and complex projects

Digital-Machines Lab is composed of the modern CNC digital tools of laser cutting, routing, 3D printing and plotting to enable users to learn the fundamentals of machine based production, customisation and revenue generation through application of computers, design and materials for machining.

Fab-Lab is instrumental for Startups, students and individuals have a chance to get real-world demonstrations of technology for better learning and enabling entrepreneurial thinking and to try their hands at mechanical designs, craftsmanship, repair and building of complex projects involving wood, metal, glass or plastic to enable team based thinking, group activities and long term thinking capability and to learn in real-time about how small enterprises use modern industrial machines to generate economic value through custom fabrication, design consultation and demonstrate skills towards documentation and problem solving with digital fabrication machines and methods

Benefits & offerings:

  • Fosters innovation and collaboration in the startup community.
  • Helps to design a wide range of innovative ideas to  prototypes efficiently.
  • Complete digital fabrication facility (Convert designs into physical prototypes & models).
  • Useful for fabricating prototypes for students, academics & research projects.
  • Useful for all engineering departments with their projects in the college.
  • Offers manufacturing skill development trainings to students, and industry professionals
  • Offers consultancy services on digital fabrication to small scale industries.



3D Designing & Printing


Laser Cutting


Laser Engraving


CNC Milling(small scale)


PCB Milling(small scale)


Vinyl Cutting


Robotics Training


Basic Mechanical Tools

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