AIC NITTE mentors empower startups and the ecosystem by providing mentorship in domains of their expertise, including market research, investment-readiness, designing business models, product development, team building, brand building, Go-to-Market strategy, acceleration, and scaling of a startup. Join our esteemed pool of mentors to extend your expertise as a service to build your personal brand, be recognized as a sector-specific expert, and get connected with the ecosystem, peers, and leaders.



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Here’s what a AIC Nitte mentor brings to the table

  • Relevant expertise
  • Enthusiasm to share knowledge
  • A can-do and respectful attitude
  • Eagerness to invest in others
  • Ability to give honest and direct feedback
  • Empathetic and reflective listening



Mentor Identification

Inviting sector-specific and expert mentors through applications

Mentor Profiling

Segregating mentors based on their expertise and capabilities

Mentor Onboarding

Officially onboarding a mentor through a legal agreement

Mentor Engagement and feedback

Mapping mentors based on the startups’ needs and requirements engaging through physical and virtual sessions while considering feedback

Mentor Offboarding

Evaluating the engagement, commitment, and feedback, we foster and offboard mentors


Strategic planning and Digital transformation

CA Ullas Kamath
Levine Lawrence
Dr. Sangmesh
Mr. Shankaran Nair
Pawan Kumar
Naveen S
Mr. Tridib Bhattacharjee
Dr. Manjappa Sarathi
Prof. Niranjan N Chiplunkar
Mr. Thiyagarajan M

Venkatesh Dyamappa

Innovation, R&D, Product Development, Quality assurance

Prof. Iddya Karunasagar
Dr. Raghav P H
Mr. Praveen Kalbhavi

Prof. Indrani Karunasagar
Mr. Shashidhar Bhat

G. Srinikethan
Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi

Project planning & Finance

CA S.S. Nayak
Mr. Pradeep G. Pai
Mr. Sudhir C.P.
Ms. Sonakshi Pratap

Organization Development ( HR, Team Management, Leadership development)

Dr. Rajkumar Phatate

Dr. K. Sankaran
Mr. Hareesh S Belawadi
Mr. Prasad Menon
Dr. Sreekanth Arimanithaya

Marketing, Sales & Business development

Mr. Ganesh Rayala
Ms. Nishtha Rohatgi
Mr. Kesava Reddy

Digital & IT

Supply Chain and Operations

Dr. Sachidananda B. S.
Mr. Cany Mendonsa


  1. Please fill out the linked form
  2. After the initial screening, you will be invited for an interview with the mentoring desk at AIC NITTE
  3. After qualifying, the next level of interview shall be set up with one of our existing mentors in order to understand your role with AIC NITTE better

Apart from the startup engagements, mentors will also work with the program managers of Lab32, T-Angel, Trestle, etc., to design better outcomes for the up and coming cohorts.

Mentor Engagement is crucial to build a stronger community through ideas and expertise stemming from a rich industry experience. It helps nurture and sustain a vibrant, dynamic, and flourishing innovation ecosystem.

Mentors will be engaged on an as-needed basis and as much as possible based on their availability and interests. Mentors also have opportunities to represent AIC NITTE as speakers, panelists, judges at community events, AIC NITTE events, and partner events, including WeHub, TSIC, etc.

The mentoring relationship, acting either as a mentor or a mentee, may present you with a number of issues or dilemmas.  Often, there are no easy or obvious solutions and there may be no clear-cut sense of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

These simple guidelines highlight a set of behaviors that might impact the mentoring relationship or, indeed, when using mentoring/coaching techniques in other situations.

  1. The mentor’s role is to respond to the mentee’s needs and agenda; it is not to impose their own agenda.
  2. Mentors will agree with the mentee how they wish the relationship to work, while adopting the most appropriate level of confidentiality
  3. Mentors will be aware of and adhere to any current legislation relating to activities undertaken as part of the mentoring service.
  4. The mentee should be made aware of their rights and any complaints procedures.
  5. Mentors and mentees will respect each other’s time and other responsibilities, ensuring they do not impose beyond what is reasonable.
  6. The mentor will ensure the mentee accepts increasing responsibility for managing the relationship; the mentor will empower them and promote the mentee’s autonomy.
  7. Either party should not dissolve the relationship at any time throughout the period of the mentoring relationship without discussing it with the mentoring team at T-Hub regarding the same.
  8. The mentor will not intrude into areas the mentee wishes to keep private until invited to do so. They should, however, help the mentee to recognize how other issues may relate to these areas.
  9. Mentors will be open and truthful with themselves and their mentees whilst participating in the mentoring relationship
  10. Mentors will share the responsibility for the smooth winding down of the relationship with the mentee, once it has achieved its purpose – they must avoid creating dependency.
  11. The mentoring relationship should not be exploitative in any way, nor may it be open to misinterpretation.
  12. Mentors should never work beyond the bounds of their capability, experience, and expertise to the point where they do not feel confident in providing the mentee with proper support. Where appropriate, mentors should seek advice or refer mentees to another point of contact or enterprise support professionals.
  13. The confidentiality of the mentee remains paramount at all times. At no time will a mentor disclose any part of the relationship to any person whosoever, without the explicit agreement of the mentee. Any notes or other records of mentoring sessions shall remain, at all times, the property of the mentee. They may, for convenience, be retained by the mentor but may be requested by the mentee at any time.
  14. Mentors have a responsibility to highlight any ethical issues (such as conflicts of interest) that may arise during a mentoring relationship at the earliest opportunity.
  15. Mentors should not attempt to do the mentee’s job for them ‐ the mentee has the ability and the potential, the mentor’s job is to help them realize it.
  16. Mentors will maintain their professional competence through participation in continuous professional development
  17. Download Mentor Handbook for guidance through your mentorship journey  


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